Since 1847, folks have been meeting at the site where our facilities currently stand. Over time, the congregation has seen quite a bit of history file past its doors and leave marks — like the Civil War soldiers wounded in the notorious battle of Cold Harbor and treated in the sanctuary turned to a makeshift hospital.

Walnut Grove has left its mark in other ways, as well. Basil Manly, Jr. served Walnut Grove as pastor before he left to help establish the brand new Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1859 and before he composed a number of hymns which have come to occupy a prominent place in Christian hymnody. Other churches, too, were spawned by WGBC around the Mechanicsville region.

Walnut Grove’s historical legacy paints a picture of a congregation that always finds a way to relate the story of Jesus Christ to the times in which it finds itself. As the years rolled by, the congregation added facilities to accommodate growing numbers. New programs and ministries have always been developed to replace ones that grow old and ineffective.

Now, as the congregation enters into the second decade of the 21st century, a plethora of new ministries has grown out of the passions and vision of the members. Walnut Grove celebrates its storied past with gratitude and, admittedly, some pride, but the past is a springboard to the future, and while we know we stand on the shoulders of giants in the legacy we have inherited, with great excitement and confidence, we minister into the coming days knowing that we will add to that great legacy!

Come be a part of something bigger than all of us!