Weekly Services


9:00: Sunday School

10:15 – Worship

6:30: AA meeting – Multi-Purpose Room

6:00pm: The Grove Youth Group




9:00am – English As Second Language

5:30pm: Wednesday Night Supper

6:00pm: Child Care Starts

6:00pm: Kid’s Club  – for elementary aged children – Clubhouse

6:15pm: Bible Study

7:15pm: Adult Choir Rehearsal – Choir Room – All welcomed!

7:15pm: Praise Team Rehearsal

8:15pm: Worship Band Rehearsal


10:00 – Thursday Morning Bible Study – MPR.


6:15pm: NorthStar Community – Recovery Service Meeting for families struggling with addiction issues. We meet in the Gym.  Drive around to the back of the church and enter through the double glass doors. Informal setting with music, food, talk, testimonies, and support groups.

What To Expect



Upcoming Sunday Worship Series


May 5: Galatians 2 –The Clique, The Cross, and The Calling

What happens when I allow my ideas and experiences shape my understanding of Christ instead of the allowing Christ to shape my ideas and experiences? How does realigning with the cross solve all of the social issues of our day?

May 12: Galatians 3 – The Foolishness of Forgetfulness

What happens when we forget to remember who we are and why we are here? What is the biggest threat to reaching the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

May 19: Galatians 4 – Paganism in the Church

Why do some people run from God? Is it possible to worship a false god in the name of the one true God? Is it possible that many churches today have made gods out of everything other than the one true God?

May 26: Galatians 5 – Free to Be the Me I was Really Made to Be

Discover the difference between who you were born to be and who you were made to be! Is there more to life than the vain pursuit of stuff? Can we ever really be complete?

June 2: Galatians 6 – A Community of Little Christs

Why does church matter? Why should I go? What if church was filled not with perfect people, but broken people who were conformed to the image of Christ?

Thursday Bible Study at 10:00am

Come join us as we look at Heaven

Wednesday evening Bible studies – 6:30

Call 746-5081 or email craigwgbc@gmail.com to sign up.  If you are going through a tough divorce or separation we are the place for you to be with others who have experienced similar situations.


Family and Youth Activities

The Grove – Teen Worship Sundays at 6:00pm.  In the gym.  Drive around to the back of the church.

Healing/Recovery and Families Are Our Passion!

NorthStar Community meets on Friday Nights in the gym at 6:15 and Sundays at 9:00.  Call 746-5081 or email Craig Simpson at craigwgbc@gmail.com for more information.

Our 10:15 service is a merging of traditional and contemporary styles.  Come as yhappy group 1015ou are.  Some people will be wearing suits and others will be wearing their favorite t-shirt and shorts.  Our focus is on worshipping our Lord and Savior.  We want you to come, worship, feel welcomed and valued.  

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